If you have ever had to repair the black ¼ inch water lines that are part of the irrigation system of your outdoor landscaping, you know the frustrations associated with making repairs.  First you get an enormous water bill or find a pond in your yard.  Next, you begin to dig to find the leak which could be many feet from where you see water.  What you finally find is usually a seam split or hole caused by a sharp stone, a shovel, and animal or simply poor builder's grade materials.  Now that you have found the leak, you have to dig up enough of the line, usually three or more feet long and a foot or more deep, so you can cut out and replace the leaking section.  You run out to the hardware store with the cut out piece of line and try to find the correct sized compression coupler and ¼ inch line.  Of course you have to buy two couplers, one for each end and much more line than you actually need.

Next you fight with the couplers while trying to fit them on to the existing line and the newly purchased line only to find that the coupler doesn't fit, won't go on, or that you have to dig up more of your yard to get enough of the existing line out of the ground to get a proper angle.  You cut the piece of new line to what you think is the right length only to find that it is too short and cannot be connected to the other side or is too long causing you to have to dig up more of your yard, only to have to struggle again with the coupler on the other side.  Worse, you find that you cannot remove a coupler that is already attached causing you to have to cut off more of the existing line and make another trip to the hardware store where you just purchased the last two couplers they had in stock.  You drive all over town to find another $1 coupler before finally returning to your "easy" project.  Hours after you started and now horribly sunburned and stuck with cactus barbs, you turn on the water to check your finished work only to find that either the fix is leaking or that you have stopped the leak but another has cropped up further down the line.

Sound familiar?  Well this was a regular occurrence at my house, except for running out to the hardware store since I bought twenty couplers at a time and enough line to replace every line at every house in my subdivision.  Finally, when I couldn't locate the latest leak which was somewhere under a huge cactus, I shut my system down and began to search for someone to come out and replace my 12 plus year old system.  Fortunately, I found Water Wise Sprinkler Repair after any number of other companies either refused to come out for a quote or failed to show up when they said they would.  One company asked me to measure the parameter of my property and then quoted me over the phone without even taking a look at what I needed.

We made an appointment with Rob to come to our home and he said we didn't even have to be there.  He showed up exactly when he said he would and then called while he was still there with several options, including just repairing the leaking section.  He also informed us that the system we had was vastly undersized and had only one valve and an indoor timer that was being used outdoors.  After listening to what Rob explained, we chose to have our entire system replaced.  We made a down payment and Rob and his crew showed up exactly when they said they would.  Not only did they replace the existing system with one that has three zones, but they ran individual lines to each plant, bush, shrub, and tree on our large lot.  They even ran lines under our driveway and sidewalks.  They even cleaned up all of the yard waste that we were planning to get to when the temperature dropped, spread 6 tons of rock, and buried deep watering lines for our trees.  When they finished, ahead of schedule I might add, we could not even tell they had been here.

Now, about 4 weeks after Rob and his crew finished, they have been back three times to make sure everything is working properly and have added several additional lines for several of our new plantings.  Our once dying yard is lush and thriving beyond our hopes.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to highly recommend Water Wise Sprinkler Repair.  Rob and his crew have already completed a similar project with the same results for our daughter and we have suggested them to several of our friends and neighbors.  While you may find that they are not the lowest bidder, you will certainly get more than you paid for, on time, and with no additional charges or problems.  They are simply amazing!

Kay K,