Landscape Upgrade Services

Water Efficient Landscape Upgrades

Thinking GREEN in Arizona

Landscape Design - Gorgeous Front Yard

Smart Controllers

Water Wise SMART controllers provide WiFi-enabled control with weather-based & microclimate control

Rachio3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Water Wise Fertigation

Water Wise Custom Fertilizer & Amendments applied directly to the roots of plants & turf through the irrigation system.

Water Wise Sprinkler Upgrade

MP Rotator Nozzles with pressure regulation and check valves improves Distribution Uniformity, Matched Precipitation, & Water Wise deep watering for turf.

Rotator Sprinklers Front Yard Lawn

Water Wise Drip System Upgrade

Water Wise provides commercial-grade drip irrigation pipe for leak warranties and protected point source drip emitters.

Sprinkler Repairs

High Performing Valves and Professional Craftsmanship

Turf Issues

Total Turf Health with Water Wise


Weeds & Turf Problems

Landscape Maintenance Services


Landscape Makeovers with EZ Flo

EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizer Comparison EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizer Comparison EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizer Comparison

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