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Water Wise Sprinkler Repair, LLC (WW) was incorporated in 2012 as a residential & commercial licensed landscape contractor. WW is family owned and operated out of Queen Creek and Wadell, Arizona. From Master Gardeners to professional irrigation auditors, our Water Wise team brings over 50 years of sustainable landscaping experience to every job.

Specializing in residential irrigation, turf products, hardscape, and complete sustainable landscaping, WW works towards increasing results while having a positive impact on our environment. Water Wise has ongoing positive relationships with top manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the area, allowing for open lines of communication and up-to-date technology for the end user. With a progressive mindset, Water Wise takes pride in professional work and quality customer service.

Nikki Kemp Robert Kemp Waterwise Owners

Robert & Nikki Kemp, Owners/Operators
Water Wise Sprinkler Repair LLC was founded in 2006 by Robert Kemp as a way to earn extra cash after meeting his now Wife of 13 years, Nikki Kemp. Robert & Nikki met through the Phoenix Fire Department. Nikki was a 911 dispatcher and Robert, a Phoenix Firefighter. Now, Nikki works full-time managing the Office of Water Wise, while Robert currently works as a Captain Paramedic for the Phoenix Fire Department in addition to running the operations of Water Wise. Robert & Nikki have a total of 5 children together and currently live & operate Water Wise in Queen Creek, AZ. Robert & Nikki have a strong desire to raise their family and serve the community they live in. Robert & Nikki have many years of experience in life, education, and contracting, which is vital to being successful owners in the residential service industry. Their professionalism, quality products, and leadership have allowed Water Wise to be extremely successful throughout the years, and have allowed new goals for the company in the green industry. Water Wise Sprinkler Repair LLC is currently forward-thinking and in a position to grow exponentially throughout the area and region with its valuable people, products, and processes. Please look through the website about our services & careers.

Brian Cartwright, Lead Irrigation Technician
ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician (ACIT)

Russell Cox, Lead Irrigation Technician
ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician (ACIT)

The ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician (ACIT) program consists of a 3-day training including hands-on activities focused on the optimization of water usage and the efficiency of existing irrigation systems. Landscape professionals receive training in drip and sprinkler systems, pipe and sprinkler repair, valve installation and repair, controller programming, controller and valve troubleshooting, electrical systems, site assessment, and water audit.

Arizona Landscape Contractors Association

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