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Our Featured Water Efficient Irrigation Product:

A Truly Advanced Water Efficient Smart Irrigation Controller

We are now offering a climate controlled watering system combined with web-based software that allows you to manage your watering system from your smart device or browser. Predictive watering can adjust schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to maximize water savings while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. We can add a flow meter and set up automatic notifications to alert you of broken pipes or sprinklers. Partnered with our water efficient and warrantied drip and sprinkler upgrades, this controller is the icing on the cake for your COMPLETE irrigation upgrade package!

Ask us about the Pro-HC Controller by Hunter today!

Landscape Lighting with Dimming & Colors


FX Luminaire has once again revolutionized the LED landscape lighting industry by introducing the ability to add 30,000 colors to your landscape lighting system. With the ZDC, custom LED lighting colors can be created for outdoor holiday displays, team spirit themes, company colors, or special events.


Water Conservation: Did you know?



The average homeowner uses 1/3 of their water on landscaping irrigation.

50% An estimated 50% of landscape irrigation water use is wasted! Causes of water waste: poor design, excessive pressure, improper scheduling.

Broken sprinklers can cost a TON in just one season:
25,000 gallons & $90 or more!

Conserve Water and Save Money!

Upgrade or install the latest technology to help reduce water waste while lowering water bills. All of the upgrades and new installations performed by Water Wise use the latest, most water efficient technology that helps reduce runoff, is more wind resistant and uses less water overall.

Actual Results from SMART Upgrades

Click on the reports below to see the results and savings these customers are enjoying.

Smart Irrigation Upgrade Results: Chandler AZ
Smart Irrigation Upgrade Results: Tempe AZ
Smart Irrigation Upgrade Results: Chandler AZ

Commercial Grade Drip Pipe



Water Wise uses a commercial grade pipe, Swing Riser Pipe, for all of our drip upgrades and installations, both residential and commercial. The latest Swing Riser Pipe has twice the wall thickness and is much more durable than most current irrigation pipes as shown above. The 1/2" Swing Riser Pipe is made from linear low density 7510 resin with added elastomers that make the product tough and resilient while flexible at the same time.

Durable Drip Pipe Roll

MP Rotator Sprinkler Heads

Efficient Sprinkler Heads

MP Rotators deliver water a rate that more closely matches what soil can absorb, reducing water bills up to 30%.  The MP Rotator can be installed onto any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter, transforming them into high uniformity, low precipitation rate sprinklers with matched precipitation at any arc and any radius.

Automatic Matched Precipitation
Control the amount of water flowing through the nozzle at various arc and radius settings.
Debris Free Double-Pop
The MP Rotator’s nozzle pops up from its protected position only after the riser is fully extended, providing superior defense against dirt and debris.
Removable Filter Screen ensures hassle-free service
Distribution uniformity
Evenly targets all areas of the landscape to achieve higher efficiency and even coverage.
Low Precipitation Rate
Avoid runoff, saving water and preventing erosion.
Wind-resistant Multi-stream Technology
Adjustable Arc and Radius

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Irritrol Irrigation SensorWireless Weather Sensing Systems
Simple, water saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control. Consisting of three components; a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors, a receiver module to attach to the Irritrol controller, and an SD card with the 40 year, average, historical, weather information by zip code (or LAT/LON), the system monitors weather data, transmits them to the module then alters the controller’s watering time to “follow the weather”.  These controllers meet the criteria for the EPA watersense label.


Irritrol Smart ControllerBuilt In Radios
For easy, wireless installation with less labor than wired systems
Temperature sensor for monitoring air temp
Shuts system off in cold weather
Rain sensor
Adjustable for amount of precipitation to shut off system
Solar sensor
Monitors the amount of the landscape site’s sun exposure
Receiver Module
- Converts today’s data from the weather sensor to percent of the hottest
month’s watering time to apply
- Appropriately alters the controller’s water budget

WATCH VIDEO: Smart Irrigation Control Made Simple

High Quality Synthetic

Synthetic Turf: ClassicAlways Green, Always Beautiful
Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf lawns will outlast changing weather conditions and remain lush, vibrant and professionally manicured through all the seasons. Synthetic turf comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit personal tastes and blend in with the regional tones of surrounding landscapes and natural turf areas. We install synthetic turf made with polyethylene fibers and durable urethane backing. It is lead safe, comes with a ten-year warranty and there is a variety of colors and styles available.


Synthetic Turf: GolfLow Maintenance and Hassle Free
Eliminate the time and money spent on maintaining your lawn or landscaping, synthetic turf is the solution. Synthetic turf requires no mowing, watering, insect or weed control, plus it stays green and lush, all year round. Spend more time doing what you would like to do, instead of working on your lawn.
Environmentally Friendly
Arizona is facing a drought situation. Water prices have been on the rise throughout the country, and many are finding it cost prohibitive to maintain a natural lawn. Synthetic lawn requires no watering and is a 100% recyclable product. It eliminates pesticides and fertilizer use, plus it reduces air pollution because it requires no mowing. It is also lead-free (Lead content is undetectable and is under .005% by weight).
Efficient Draining Saves Money
Water Wise installs turf that is strategically designed and offers controlled drainage with scientifically spaced perforations that will more effectively control the drainage process to offer added protection for your sub-base. Products that drain too quickly can erode away your sub-base and cause buckling, resulting in the need for complete re-installation.

Smart Sprinkler Controller
& Watering App

Rachio Smart Watering Controller & App Water Use Under Control
Automated when life demands it: The smart sprinkler controller, Iro, is perfect for anyone tired of wasting water and money. It will automatically adjust for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best.
Take over when ready: the technology is complex but the use is simple: you can set it and forget it or control it from anywhere in the world using your smart device or laptop. We’ll let you know what’s going on with your system and you can adjust it from there as you see fit.

Making It Easy To Save Water
Rachio saves most users over 30% on outdoor water usage when compared to standard controllers!
Save water three simple ways:
1. Schedules are automatically adjusted for changes in seasons specific to your location.
2. Watch for upcoming weather and save water anytime we see an opportunity to do so.
3. Eliminate runoff by breaking your schedule up to maximize your soil’s absorption rate.

EPA WaterSenseEPA WaterSense Certified
The Rachio IRO sprinkler controller is EPA WaterSense certified. Rebates are available nationwide.

EZ Flow Automatic Fertilization Systems

EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizer ComparisonFeed Your Entire Landscape Gently & Consistently
Very high concentrations of nitrogen applied to lawns can harm shrubs and flowers. Water Wise uses fertilizers and supplements that are appropriate for all plants because they are applied gently and consistently over time. They also include micronutrients that are essential to flowering plants. Water Wise uses a patented application process called “micro-dosing”. Micro-dosing allows us to apply fertilizers and supplements to the landscape in very dilute forms. Once diluted, nutrient-laden irrigation water is always available to the plants either through the process of foliar absorption or through more traditional systemic (root) absorption. And plants are able to absorb only what they need and ignore the rest when applied in these dilute concentrations.

Non-Hazardous Fertilizers
The EZ-FLO systems we install, eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals. EZ-FLO fertilizers are non-hazardous and these units allow them to be distributed onto the landscape in trace amounts that are at or below the Federal Government’s standards for Clean Drinking Water. Water Wise offers a new way to fertilize responsibly where you can:

  • Have a beautiful lawn without using a spreader
  • Reduce fertilizer needed by 70-90%
  • Virtually eliminate fertilizer runoff into waterways
  • Reduce water usage by 25-50%
And best of all, it's AUTOMATIC! We'll attach an Automatic Fertilizing System to your irrigation system or your hose faucet, you can “spoon-feed” all your plants every time you water. Using Micro-Dosing technology this system feeds your landscape in tiny doses-with nutrients that all plants can use.


Deep Drip Watering Stakes

Deeper Roots Help Stabilize Trees and Prevent Uprooting
Roots are known to follow their water source. Deep Drip stakes promote deeper roots because the roots follow the water that it released deep into the ground. This helps prevent uprooted trees in strong winds. It also keeps your tree roots from coming up and damaging structures, foundations and sidewalks.

Water At The Roots For A Lush Landscape and Healthy Plants
Deep Drip was designed to help you maintain healthy, beautiful trees and plants by watering them directly at the roots. Deep Drip is the only device today that can get water, oxygen and fertilizer to your tree and plant roots quickly and effectively. Deep Drip conserves water because 100% of the water that is directed to your tree, shrub or plant, is going deep into the ground rather than being lost to evaporation or run-off.


  • Deep Watering for Healthy Root Zone
  • Promotes Deeper Roots
  • Aerates the Roots and Soil
  • Delivers Fertilizer to Roots
  • Reduces Watering Time
  • Easy Installation, Low Maintenance
  • Durable and Easy to Remove or Reposition
  • Helpful During Drought and Freezes
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